The purpose of this glog is to inform readers, specifically teachers and students, of the “Bookshelves” feature of Google Books. One of the two elements in the document that points to this purpose is the video link that is enclosed within the document. The video shows viewers how to set up a new bookshelf, add a book, add notes to the book’s description, leave a review, and compare online prices. Another area of the document which helps in the execution of the document’s purpose is the graphics that are included, specifically the screen capture pictures. These pictures highlight steps readers should take while carrying out this process on Google Books and other graphics on the screen point to areas that the steps are talking about.

Emphasis is used in the document to draw the viewer’s eye to the steps in the order in which they are to be read, starting with the bright red paper crane on Step 1 and then each subsequent crane is also a brighter shade than the cloud that it is on. Emphasis is also used in regards to the screen captures with the bright yellow border put around each screen capture to draw the viewer’s attention to the helping tool embedded into the instructional document. Viewers can also click on the pictures in order to make them larger, if they need a clearer view of what the picture is indicating.

Balance is used in the document in a couple of different ways. At both the top and the bottom of the document, very little space is left open, and I think that this element brings balance by creating almost a border for the body of the document. In the body, the clouds are evenly spread out into two columns and the graphics which highlight the steps the clouds read are also balanced fairly evenly. In order to maintain balance in the right column between steps 2 and 4, I put the curved arrow to fill in the gap created by the Step 2 graphic being vertically long.

Contrast is used in the document in regards to the cranes and clouds. The brightly-warm-colored cranes offset the cool-colored clouds which, I think, draw the reader’s attention to the order in which the document should be read. That, and they add a nice, funky element to the document. I also contrasted the title’s graphic against the rest of the document to make the title stick out and be the starting point of the document. I also used a bright yellow on any screencapture graphic to somewhat “sandwich” the cloud between two warm colors and let visual learners more easily see what the next step was, instead of just reading it and potentially missing the screencapture.