Rhetorical Analysis:

The purpose of this particular ad is, clearly, to sell Playstation 3 systems, and this ad showcases the cool features of the Playstation 3 that sets it apart from other gaming systems. I think that the intended audience would be primarily gamers who may be struggling with the decision of purchasing an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3. I feel as though these people are being targeted with this ad because it showcases the seemingly limitless potential of the Playstation 3 gaming system, specifically stating that it does “everything” that a gamer could possibly want from a system. This ad shows gamers specifically what they can expect from the Playstation 3 system, probably its more advanced and “nerdtastic” features. Among these features listed are the words “Free” and “Online”–arguably the “Holy Grail” of gaming because most systems, the Xbox 360 for example, require for players to pay a monthly fee in order to enjoy online gaming. This truly emphasizes the “everything” that Sony claims the Playstation 3 does. The ad seems to beg the question “Would you rather have a system that does everything or a system that does some things?”

Design Analysis:

The design element that is being utilized in this ad is that of Alignment. It is clear from the layout of the advertisement that the designer used a grid system to place everything on the page in perfect alignment, although it is more of a diagonal grid than anything traditional that is described in the textbook. All of the graphics are placed along an axis that suggests a certain flow to the ad and it makes the ad look more visually appealing with big graphics on one side/column and large text on the other side/column of the ad. Speaking of which, the text is aligned flush-left in the right column and the Playstation 3 graphic is perfectly aligned with the top row of text in the “features” column (the word “DVD” is somewhat cut off). This alignment helps construct the border between the text and the graphics in the ad. The fact that the ad campaign slogan is built into the “features” column, aligned just like the regular features, is significant because it seems to enhance the message by saying “Hey this is a key feature, too.” I believe that the ad does meet its target audience because it adequately boasts features that are specific to the Playstation 3 and not other systems, which balances out the extra price one has to pay for a Playstation 3 because, why not pay a little extra for everything?