Rhetorical Analysis:

The purpose of this particular ad is, clearly, to sell the game “Dead Island” for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC to gamers who enjoy zombie-apocalypse type games, making them the primary audience. This ad showcases what sets “Dead Island” apart from other games of the genre in that from the picture, the viewer can see that the game is actually set on a beautiful utopian paradise of sorts–the only problem being the island is infested with zombies. I feel as though these people are being targeted with this ad because it emphasizes the ironic contrast between the undead who populate the island and the tranquil beach setting of the advertisement itself, with the only hint of danger or the need to fight being in the tagline of the ad, the machete in the background, and the name of the game.

Design Analysis:

The design element that is being utilized in this ad is that of Repetition. What is being repeated here is the concept of the imposing threat of the undead on the island. The layout of the advertisement is what allows this repetition to occur. The tagline is laid out just so that the letters “D-I-E” are underneath the letters “D-I-E” in “Paradise.” The repeated emphasis on “Paradise” and “Die.” The machete in the background seems to link the last syllable of the word “Paradise” and the word “Die,” thus creating emphasis on the repeated word and sound to further highlight the concept of death and the undead. This concept is first introduced at the top of the advertisement with the red “Dead Island” title and logo with it. The design and message is simply further enhanced by the repetition of the words “dead” and “die” and the syllable in “paradise.” I believe that the ad does meet its target audience because it adequately depicts the seriousness of the undead aspect of the game with the game’s plot being ironically set in an island resort.