As far as the MindMaps go, I think the ones that stood out the most to me were the ones that looked the simplest. Not so much in terms of content, but just the fact that they were easy to read, like Tim’s. I also liked Becca’s in terms of content because hers included media other than text. I also liked Becca’s a lot because, even though it included other media, it was very well-organized and easy to follow. I think that would make hers the one that sticks with me the most, especially when you figure in the fact that she used a lot of color with hers, which I think I’ll start doing.

I am starting to like working in a mindmap, I think. I’ve been considering what I would use it for outside of this class and then I thought about my English 600 class where we are doing graduate level Lit Theory and I figured I could use  a mindmap to keep track of all the different theories and key points of each theory and see how certain theories are interconnected. I like keeping facts organized in a group and that aspect of MindMap is what I think about when I think of putting my Theory notes on a mindmap.

Wikipedia - T-shirt

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