I learned more, I think, about Creative Commons than I did about Copyright or Fair Use in doing the readings for this week. I didn’t know what Creative Commons really was, I just thought that it was just a little box we checked in compfight.com to use free pictures. But no, it’s so much more than a little box. It did surprise me, though, to learn that anything and everything we create is copyrighted from the minute that we start working on it. I thought that the copyright laws were just for 50 years after the death of the author. It empowered me to discover what, exactly, Creative Commons is trying to do with their initiative. I like the idea of collaborating with authors and artists and trying to make great works even better. It frustrates me that people haven’t been doing this all along…it seems like it is a great idea and I mean haven’t we been taught to share with one another since we were little kids? But I guess if you factor in money and all that commercial stuff, people tend to get greedy.

With regards to my experience with this topic, I used to have a friend who used to download stuff from Limewire all of the time and he would torrent television shows frequently as well. Apparently, it seems as though the Cox company found out or realized it somehow that he was doing this and they completely cut him off from their Internet service and he had to go through another provider to use the Internet. I didn’t know that companies could do that, but it makes sense. Another friend of mine was accused of Copyright Infringement when she forgot to include a “Works Cited” page on a paper, even though she provided all of the correct in-text citations for the paper and everything. Eventually, the professor just allowed her to turn in the Works Cited page separately from the paper so that she would be able to receive a grade for the paper.