Rhetorical Analysis:

The purpose of this particular ad, which is in the form of a poster, is, clearly, to promote the show Absolutely Fabulous and highlight what makes it a good show and to sell posters to people who have seen and loved the show.  I think that the intended audience would be primarily people who know and appreciate the show, and secondly, people who have never heard of the show but like to watch dysfunctional television shows. I feel as though these people are being targeted because of the fact that the poster/ad highlights key elements of the story’s plot that makes the show so comically dysfunctional, both in text and in graphic. The ad shows people what they can expect from the show and gives viewers a taste of the kind of hilarity they can expect from the show’s main characters. The taglines also enhance the comedic value of the ad by offering viewers a sample of the actual dialogue that is in the show (the characters always use the terms “sweetie” and “darling” in a condescending and ironic way).

Design Analysis:

The design element that is being utilized in this ad is that of Flow. The poster/ad specifically exhibits visual flow in that the text, while awkward with its sizes, actually has a cohesive sense of flow to it. The word “Chain” is the only word on the left side of the page that is larger than its right-side counterpart, which indicates to the reader that they should start there if they want to comprehensively understand the ad. The typeface itself seems to lend the adjectives it is being used to spell out a hand in exhibiting the dysfunction it spells out. The different sizes used also helps the visual flow by being an exhibition, almost, of what the text reads and helps shape the reader’s idea of what the show is about and what they can expect from viewing it. The graphic of the two main characters, Edina and Patsy, also helps with the visual flow of the article because their sizes somewhat mirror what the advertisement did with regards to the text (i.e. one smaller and one larger). I believe that the poster/ad does meet its target audience because it adequately boasts features of the show that people who have viewed it have come to enjoy and expect from it and it also piques the curiosity of those who haven’t viewed it by giving the reader just enough to make him or her wonder what goes on in the show.