This is the original photo that I used for my alterations. I do not own the original, so it can be found here on Flickr. I would save it as “Alice and the Flowers.”


This is the flipped image. I flipped it over the vertical axis, but it really doesn’t change all that much about the photo…it’s not very striking. I would name it “Alice Flipped.”

This is the regular cropped image. I honed in on the shrinking potion that Alice is holding because I think that it emphasizes an element of mystery and impending chaos because you never know what’s going to happen when Alice eats or drinks anything in Wonderland. I saved it as “Drink Me.”


This is the “radically cropped” photo. I flipped the photo across the horizontal axis and cropped out all of Alice’s top half to emphasize both the chaotic nature of Wonderland and to maybe tie in a quote from the movie where the Cheshire Cat stands on his head and asks Alice if she could do the same. I saved this photo as “Can You Stand on Your Head.” Also, looking at this picture after looking at the one above it is kind’ve funny.


For the brightness and contrast photo, I added both brightness and shadow to the picture. I think it really captures the essence of Wonderland in that it is a place that is at the same time bright and colorful and a little bit dark. I labeled this photo as “Darklight Wonderland.”



For the sharpness photo, I enhanced both the clarity and sharpness of the picture. That made the creases in her dress more apparent and made the whole scene look more realistic, kind of taking away from the “wonder” part of Wonderland. I labeled this photo “Real Alice.”



This is the photo that was cropped to achieve a better sense of balance. I brought in the sides and top/bottom of the picture to decrease the amount of space between Alice’s figure and the borders. I labeled this photo “Balanced Alice.”



I loved this font for the whole Wonderland theme. I used this particular caption because I think that it brings out one of the messages of the picture, which in turn highlights a theme in Wonderland with the Queen chopping off everyone’s heads. The text directly focuses the viewer’s attention on that message. I labeled this “Don’t Lose It.”


This one was just fun. I grayscaled the entire picture and then used the paintbrush tool in Picnik to color the blue potion that Alice is holding. I also added text and colored it a light blue to contrast against the dark ground and to also keep the viewer looking for the color blue in the photo. I think that by drawing the viewer’s attention to the bottle also draws the viewer’s attention to the whole “Wonderland-Impending-Chaos” theme. I titled the photo “Welcome Alice.”