Based on the sources and video, I think it’s absolutely crucial to manage one’s online identities because it’s so easy for anyone to search you and the information you post online, so I wouldn’t want what I post to hinder my ability to secure a good job. It’s always said that you should not mix business with pleasure, so I think that holds true online. It’s essential to keep your social identity separate from your business identity with little to no interaction between the two. A social identity can be more fun and carefree, but the professional identity must maintain a sense of dignity and decorum, otherwise, you might accidentally embarrass your employers and make them mad and put your job in jeopardy. And we don’t want that, do we?

You have to consider who you are first and foremost before constructing either of these identities because there are just some things about your personality that you can’t easily cover up and remain happy with the image you’re projecting. You also have to take into consideration who you either want to or are currently working for before constructing either identity. If you work for a law firm, you don’t want to go on Facebook the night before a big trial and say how “plastered” you are because you’re so sure you’re going to win the case. That’s just stupid. But, on the other hand, if your workplace is more laid-back, then it’s okay to be comical and sociable, but still maintain a sense of dignity.