When I was younger, there was only one font for me: Comic. Sans. I used that font for everything because I thought that it was the coolest font in the entire world. Having grown up and acquired my “adult taste buds,” I have come to realize that Comic Sans is not a good font in any capacity. Personally, I tend to like the script typefaces. I will use at least one on every poster/flyer that I have to create for Relay or when I was an RA. I like the cursive look on some texts…others can’t pull it off so much.

Professionally, I tend to use Times New Roman for every paper/report that I have to turn in, but that’s only because it’s the only font I’ve ever been told to use for them. I love the look of the Bookman font, though, because it doesn’t seem as tightly packed as Times, even though there is little space in between the characters.

The fonts I chose to represent me personally and professionally are different because of the fact that the script fonts don’t look very professional anywhere other than a poster. While a scripted font might give off a fun or elaborate tone, I think that elaborate wouldn’t be appreciated by professionals if I were to hand in a report done in, say, Monotype Corsiva. I like the Bookman font because it is easy to read and more defined than other Old Style fonts.