Making Waves Towards Teamwork

The purpose of the website is to enlighten readers about the different aspects of teamwork that need to be considered when tackling a group project. Two sections of the website which validate the purpose are the Collaborative Methods and Recognizing/Encouraging Diversity sections because of the fact that these two aspects of teamwork are growing more and more prominent as the digital age progresses. It is becoming imperative that people know how to function in diverse groups/situations in order to be more marketable in most occupational fields. Also, as far as collaboration is concerned, it’s important to realize what barriers could potentially halt collaboration so that a group can prepare for those barriers and ward itself against them. It’s also important for people to be aware of what collaborative tools are available to them online because I know it frustrates me to no end when I’m in a computer lab and I have to email and re-email myself my documents when I’m working on a paper, so I can only imagine how invaluable tools like Dropbox are for people working together in a collaborative effort on a project.

This website primarily targets older college students who are about to enter the business industry and secondarily targets people who are already in the workplace who are looking to enhance their abilities to work with others. It simultaneously prepares students for their entry into the business world and tempers the knowledge that people who have spent some time in the “real world” with new information about a world they’ve been comfortable in that is rapidly changing.
Emphasis is used in terms of highlighting important information by both bolding and numbering lists of concepts. The numbered lists draw the reader’s attention because it is set apart from the rest of the text and to give an indication of the fact that there is information in that small chunk of text that is important and easy to find.

Contrast was used to transition information. On several of the pages, anytime a transition was made, a large subheadline with blue text would signify the start of a new topic of discussion, yet the subheaders always kept an element of flow going on with the page.

Balance was used to maintain the website’s visual flow. Any slideshare, photo, or video, regardless of where in the body of text it might be, is centered, and I think that helps balance the website because the flow would be interrupted if we had pictures going every which way on the website. I think this also adds an element of formality and with that, a “these people know what they’re talking about” vibe.

During the production of this project, I knew that for my research, I would want to include Google Books, so I made sure to search relevant topics on the Google Books site and from the information I gathered there, I summarized and compiled it in the site. I then wrote everything out on the website and then pictures were added. I think that maybe next time, I would add pictures first so that I can plan for the space that they take up rather than writing everything first and then seeing where the pictures/videos might possibly go. I’ll do the same for the next project:  research first, and then writing.

I am most proud of the theme and how incorporated the theme for our website is in the body of our text. The pictures, the wording, the video we made…it’s all incorporated and it really makes me excited to see that come to fruition and work so well. I was really the most concerned with doing HTML with this project because I know so little about it, but I tried to read up on it and fix stuff that wasn’t working on our pages, but everything I did just messed it up further. I would do more extensive research and more fiddling with the project’s code if I had more time to work on it.

I feel like I worked on keeping my language clear and concise most extensively on this project and I think that it shows…I’m actually pretty proud of how well I constructed my sentences. I will further work on keeping my language clear and concise and not “fluffy” for the next project.

I feel like with this project, we had to do a lot of research and discern which sources were plausible and which were not. We also had to keep in mind what copyright issues were involved with the image, video, and book sources we used and how to properly cite each one. I feel like we did a good job with being creative as far as citations are concerned with the implementation of a Google Bookshelf to directly link readers to the book sources we used. I also feel like the information that we provide our readers with is credible and sound, making the product a success. I think for the next project, I will work on the Identity outcome more because it truly does focus on who I am and what I have to offer to the world, making me think critically about myself.