1. The Future Professional Me: I want to be a Public Relations practitioner or a professor in the English department of a university. For the former, I think that the job is both fun and chaotic. I think that it’s full of event planning and working to maintain a certain image for a corporation in the public eye, which nowadays includes being fluent with various forms of social media available and maximizing the mediums’ potential. For the latter, I think that it involves planning a semester full of several classes, managing students, living up to the standards of the university I wish to work for, and also research. Lots and lots of research. I think both careers are distinguished in their own right. I think people who are hiring for PR practitioners are looking for people who know how to write well and use words/advertisements to steer the public’s perception with what they produce. I also think that people who are possess the ability to work well under pressure and in high-stress environments are definitely valued in this industry.
  2. The Current Me: Googling myself, I didn’t come up with anything that indicates that I’m on any social media. I think this could be a good thing and a bad thing because of the fact that some people will value more digitally-visible characters more so than those who have a page here and a page there. I looked for Facebook, Foursquare, and Myspace and still I came up with nothing. They probably are not public, or in the case of Myspace, I think that it was cancelled a long time ago. I think I’m in an “okay” spot for a PR professional because I can use these different social media, but I think that if I am going to be able to sell the fact that I can work fluently with different types of social media, I need to get out there and learn how to use Twitter, Tumblr, and WordPress to their fullest as well.