Remediation as far as digital devices are concerned, as I understand it, is simply reconfiguring the media that is currently at our fingertips in such a way that it is, at the same time, different than what it was before the reconfiguration and yet the same as before. When I think of this, I think of Myspace and Facebook. Both are built on the same principles and yet they’re completely different from one another. Twitter and Facebook…basically any social media website. I wonder if this is also how new video game consoles are constructed, like the Playstation and the Playstation 2. The PS2 is a console that allows players to load Playstation 2 games as well as the older games they enjoyed on the Playstation 1 on the same console. Following that strand, I think the Wii does the same with the ability to purchase games from older systems from their online store and play them as software on the Wii console.

As far as Project 1 is concerned, I think that using another medium to compile and present the information required for the project’s completion would have been much simpler. It would also have changed the way in which readers received and perceived the information I provided in the project. I would be able to “remediate” the glog into probably a DeviantArt blog (since they are heavy on the inclusion of art into posts) and still be able to efficiently present the project in such a way that it would be informative and easy for viewers to understand. For Project 2, the same could apply…we could have chosen WordPress (we actually did consider using that at one point) or another website-hosting domain that could be free to the public (does one such website exist?) as our website location, but it would have had a different feel to it than the Google Sites presentation does. Part of me thinks that it wouldn’t be as clean, but another part of me says that we wouldn’t have had as much trouble with embedding videos and code as we did in the Google Sites application.

Project 3 is basically a remediation of ourselves. We are compiling every part of ourselves that we have projected online and in the tangible world to present to potential employers an image of who we are. I think that makes Project 3 sound a lot more fun than it actually might be (writing resumes is necessary, but it’s not the most fun task in the world).